Friday, March 16, 2012

Man, that Brian Tong is so cute . . .

He knows it too, and capitalizes on it by making these simultaneously creative, hilarious, and self-deprecating videos.  He's obviously been working out.

And in this one, you can get a glimpse of his hard washboard stomach.  Man, if he brushed up against me at some crowded Mac/tech event, I think I would die of pleasure.

Check out my old Brian Tong post from two years ago in 2010.  He looks just as great and is becoming a yummy studly handsome beautiful man.  I'll never get enough of him!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daniel Minamide, Footballer

muscular biceps accentuated by broad horizontal stripes along his beefy chest
understandably, handsome guys are always popular with the girls who want a piece of his fineness
dining out with friends
footballer model pose next to tree
another footballer model pose
shirtless, with nike pro underwear
the handsome guy is on the left.  look at his beautiful torso!
again, his beautiful arms.  looks like he just woke up from a nap or a movie where he fell asleep

argyle sweater with jeans in harvard yard
In 2009, he participated in the "Mr. Asian Sensation" beauty pageant at the Harvard Radcliffe Asian American Association

These two videos don't seem embeddable, so click on the links if you want to watch them:

Here is a "Frog Hops with Weight Vest" video where you can see a manly Minamide squat and jump while being coached by girlfriend Taylor's Dad, "America's Most Trusted Fitness Professional," Clark Bartram. His girlfriend is filming the video, and some of it follows him from behind, so you can see his muscular butt as he frog hops along the track. The coach is entranced with Dan because he excels in the coach's specialty/interest--exercise and fitness.
"coming to you again with another excellent exercise to get you bigger, stronger, and faster.  speaking of big, strong, fast, I have my daughter's boyfriend, again, Daniel Minamide . . . love this guy, hate to see him go" --Coach Bartram

Check out the video from 0:19 when Coach Bartram gives Dan a man hug.
Here is a another video where handsome Dan dons a 15 pound weight vest and does a variety of exercises in quick succession called "8 Minute Body Builder Program."  Coach Bartram explains that after training with the vest, ". . . when we take it [the vest] off, it's gonna feel lik your body weights nothing.  I mean, you're gonna run faster,  you're gonna hit harder.  You know, because in football, you need explosive speed and strength, right?  And playing strong safety, you gotta be able to break on the ball.  You gotta be able to explode on some fool.  So that's what's gonna happen--some fool's gonna get EXPLODED upon.  Especially when he [handsome stud, Dan Minamide] gets stronger doing this [frog hops]."

He attended San Pasqual High School in Escondido CA, the "heart of San Diego North."
Handsome Daniel's Linked In.
Interview "On The Run" after fires in the San Diego area.
Handsome Dan's MySpace
Stats and other info on Handsome Dan's Harvard Football page.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dean Sameshima, Artist

If I might share with my readers, I've been inspired to write a little poem:

Yo, Studly . . .
Sameshima is a Dream,
Makes me wanna scream 'n cream

--Handsome Asian American Guys

Now, let's try figuring out why this handsome stud makes me wanna scream 'n cream . . .

Hey everyone, Happy New Year filled with Handsome Asian American Guys! Here's a hot artist stud named Dean Sameshima. According to his slick-looking website, he graduated from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia CA and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA.

Why is he so handsome? It is hard to say, because one is rendered speechless whenever encountering an image of him. For example, here is his "ButtHead" page at Butt Magazine. It's kind of like a personal ad for their community to admire his handsomeness. There are three beautiful pictures of him on that page.

Dean's tumblr blog is called Cruise or be Cruised. He also has an shop of the same name where you can mail order t-shirts handsome Dean has silkscreened in Berlin. On handsome Dean's etsy "favorites page," you can see items other artists have made that appealed to sexy Sameshima for one reason or another, which gives a cool little opening into his awesome mind. He also has also curated a "treasury list" called "the men in my life . . ." on etsy which contains hunky cute artworks with beard and tattoo themes.

If you have a crush on somebody, there's nothing better than being inspired by their artistic creations and being able to order something they actually touched and made. It gives you a little thrill each time you see or touch what came out of them.

We can also see from one of these photos that he has some kind of attractive tattoo on his inner forearm!

This totally handsome stud of ours is acclaimed enough to be mentioned in the New York Times, which describes his work as "randy autobiographical" in this 2007 article on gay art, so he is definitely one of our more famous handsome asian american guys.

Here is a beautifully beglassesed Dean being lusted after by another famous dude, Professor Laurence Rickels. Rickels salivates as Sameshima is so studly when smiling!

You can also see what his handwriting looks like in this 2011 written response interview published in Oakazine. When answering a question comparing life in Los Angeles vs. Berlin, he says L.A.'s art scene is "intimate, family, bright" while Berlin's is "huge, lots of acquaintances, dark." He has intelligent thoughtful answers invigorated with youthful energy and an optimistic looking hand(writing), so it's worth taking a look at the Oakazine interview if you can. As of May 2011, he's inspired by tumblr.

He is either chewing on or licking his luscious thumb in this photo. He is so friggin' hot. Look at his hair and eyes, which are are looking at something to his right side. The Gauntlet poster behind him is interesting. Does anyone know exactly where it is from? I believe it was a famous piercing parlor, but maybe it was also a club or a band. All the files in the back give him an erudite air as well, which is super sexy too. He is majorly handsome.

He seems to have been inspired by John Rechy's book called The Sexual Outlaw.

Some of studly Sameshima's early work involved photographing Los Angeles bathhouse interiors. If you can't get your hands on a copy of handsome Dean's book of L.A. bathhouse interior photos, Hysteric 7, you can get peek of the photos in this youtube video someone kindly uploaded. Since Dean lives in Berlin, one wonders if he indulges in Berlin's famed bathing culture, or maybe one might even be able to spot his beautiful naked form at beautiful bathhouses in Europe! That would be so awesome to bathe with Dean!
I wish he would beckon to me like this. Smokin' hot.

Check out this sexy pic of Dean taken at The Web, which I believe is a bar in New York. A flickr user named "Evil Machinery" commented "haha, funny face, but he's so sexy" proving that Dean is a hot stud to many people.

Hey Dean, you are one of the hottest and handsomest guys on earth! Keep on with the awesome art, and thanks for being a beautiful stud!

UPDATE: Just found a 2009 studly Sameshima mention by fellow US Berliner, Vaginal Creme Davis on her blog that reads as follows:
. . . at Forum Expanded in the Sensory Spaces #1 program, handsome and well hung Japanese American artist Dean Sameshima was being charming and vivacious as he flitted about and flirted with Scandanavian beauty, photographer and multi-media artist Benjamin Alexander Huseby who is part of the group exhibit Psychometry at Exile Gallery. The stunning Mr. Sameshima and Mr. Huseby sure can turn heads.
Notice Ms. Davis also uses the adjective "handsome" for our Sameshima stud, in addition to "well hung," "charming," and "vivacious"! Wow!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Handsome Stud, Tim Pham

Tim's blog at There's a picture of him here about to dig into a bowl of noodles. He's hot.

According to his blog, Tim likes comedy, music, coffee, tatts, horticulture, cartoons, men, culture foodie, postmodernism, and science fiction.

Tim's protected Twitter feed, @timpham (but here's where the hot picture of him pensively sitting at a table for us to gaze at came from).

Keep on being handsome, Tim!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kevin Enriques, Marathon Stud

Happy New Year everyone!

Let's toast to a 2011 filled with Handsome Asian American Guys!

(Of course, Handsome Asian American Guys are around all the time--not just at New Year's, so it's easy to be overwhelmed by their beauty and other stunning qualities!)

December 12, 2010 had Honolulu see its annual marathon. Handsome Asian American Guy, Kevin Enriques, was an especially hot contestant, bar none.
He ran 26 miles in 2 hours, 53 minutes, 58 seconds--an amazing accomplisment requiring much hard work, dedication, and training.

As he accepts his award, let's let our eyes rest on his gorgeous cheekbones and muscled forearms! His strong chest is also very clearly obvious, even under his "Runner's HI" t-shirt.

He was a member of Hawaii Pacific University's Men's Cross Country Team.

Here's some of his past race results in the HPU newspaper:
  • In the Feb 2009 Great Aloha Run, Kevin placed second in his age group--very commendable!
  • At the Nov 2009 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Regionals, held in San Francisco, Kevin finished in 34 minutes, and the HPU Men's Cross Country team came in 12th place!
Here is a pic of Kevin smiling after the marathon on his facebook page! What an awesome accomplishment!

The orange lei heightens his masculinity and studly aura. Doesn't it make you wish you had a nice lei to give him with a big hug after he gets his post-marathon massage?

You can order great pics like these from Kevin's Action Sports International page. What a stud!

And here's another nice pic of Kevin running through misty Hawaiian hills can be found at the run808 blog.

Thanks Kevin, for being such a Handsome Asian American Guy! Keep on running!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cute Boys With Red Glasses

Today we'll feature two Handsome Asian American Guys wearing glasses with reddish frames accentuating their beauty and handsomeness!

Andy Le is a sous chef at fine dining joint, Chef Mavro, in Honolulu HI.

Here is Chef Mavro's Twitter feed and blog post announcing MidWeek's article featuring Andy.

According to the article, Andy went to Saint Louis High School and the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). He always has parmesan, fish sauce (very Vietnamese--mmm!), and fresh herbs in his fridge, but is very good at relaxing and separating worktime and downtime. He likes the pizza at V Lounge (formerly Club Venus) near Ala Moana Shopping Center and the Taiwanese hot pot at Sweet Home Cafe in Moiliili. Hmm, I have an idea--we can check out these Sweet Home Cafe menu pages one, two, and three that someone kindly uploaded to Urban Spoon and imagine our handsome Andy Le perusing the same menu and then munching on their goodies! For those fortunate to visit Honolulu, they might visit Sweet Home Cafe and perhaps even run into Andy!

Ok, next up with cute red glasses is actually a handsome Canadian comedian, Vong Sundara.

Vong has a comprehensive site at He grew up in Winnpeg but lives in Toronto--awesome, eh?

For more Vong candy, check out his flickr photostream, especially the "Smiling Headshots" album--man, he is so scrumptiously handsome!

Now's let's indulge and enjoy Vong's hillarious and growing comedic talent with the video that first introduced me to him--"Super Power Bottoms"

Andy and Vong are examples of guys that I'd think of as simultaneously cute and handsome. It's very fascinating to contemplate and wonder how they achieve this, but it's plainly clear there are cute guys that are handsome, and handsome guys that are cute--mmm, yummy!

Looking forward very much to tasting Andy's deliciously fine creations and seeing Vong's standup. Their handsome cuteness will only add to the experience. Andy and Vong, keep on rocking it out and being handsome for us!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Taiyo Na, Studly Handsome Singer

Taiyo's fan, "Goldn 'N' Rong" on flickr has a great picture of them after Taiyo's performance. Regarding his slight scowl, Goldn 'N' Rong apologizes and explains Taiyo's "song got my all choked up had my mean face on," a genuine statement of the strong emotions Taiyo Na evokes. By the way, check out the handsome asian american guy in the jacket behind them waving something in his right hand--he's super handsome too!

Here's a pic of Taiyo on a PBS show called Asian America. He looks good in a jacket! When you listen to his somewhat deep lyrics concerning serious issues and emotions, and see him on a panel discussion show like Asian America, one is impressed with his thoughtfulness!

Taiyo Na--handsome hoodie stud
Taiyo's website has more information on his talents and accomplishments. His facebook page has a number of posts to keep up to date on his latest activities. Here's his youtube channel and his twitter feed.

Listen to some of his music right here! I like the sound of Summertime, but Lovely to Me, a song about his struggling immigrant Mom, is especially haunting.

QuantcastWhoever gets to be with Taiyo is lucky indeed! Whoever that person is, enjoy him for us, and congratulations!

Taiyo, please keep on thinking, singing, and being handsome for us!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brian Tong, Handsome CNET editor

Brian Tong is a handsome editor for His cnet profile page is here.

Brian has an energetic Twitter feed which informs us he'll grow sideburns like Jason Priestly and Luke Perry in celebration of the Beverly Hills 90210 televesion series from the 1990s, corresponding with September 2 (written more or less "9/02/10" in the US).

He also has a blog called "B-Teezy" which can give you a glimpse into his thinking. I love hot and handsome techno-geekazoid cuties like Brian Tong!

Now, it's very easy to find many beautiful pics of Brian online, but as I googled for images, the most interesting thing happened--google suggested "brian tong shirtless" and "brian tong hot" as related searches, showing other netizens are find Brian Tong handsome as well! This amazing revelation made me feel warm and fuzzy in a community of Brian Tong admirers! Here's a screenshot of it!

Be sure to check out his own homepage, with lots of nice images and videos. It looks like he even tried out for The Real World reality television series back in 2001!

Here's the video where I first discovered Brian--he's reviewing a Sony camera!

But you really start to get more of his comedic personality in this video, where he dances around to an iPhone app called "I am T-Pain." It's from CNETs "theapplebyte" newsmagazine on Apple Computer news, and opening has a great futuristicly-lit silhouette of Brian biting into an apple with a big crunch! CNETs description of Brian is apt, citing "his unique style." Get a taste for handsome Brian's comedy talents here!

Keep on rocking out your informative and funny vids Brian! Keep on being handsome!

Handsome Audience-Member Andrew Asks Jimmy Chen a Question on the Tyra Banks Show

Wow, I just found this interesting blog called Being Gay and Asian in America by clicking on a link to it from this Asian Gay & Bisexual Males Working Page!

I haven't gone through all the material on either site yet, but Being Gay and Asian in America had this interesting video from the Tyra Banks Show. The episode was called "Focus on Race: Interracial Dating," which when googled appears to have aired way back in 2006.

At 2:40, Tyra introduces Andrew--he's really handsome, cute, and has a beautiful voice! It looks like he's wearing a nice hoop earring on his left ear, and looks very stylish with his haircut, dark grey shirt with the first button left open and a loosely fixed brown and white striped tie. The loosely tied tie just makes us want to take off his shirt and glimpse what surely must be his juicy and scrumptious chest!

We don't learn Andrew's last name or the school where his professor asked him "why do you hate yourself?" so unfortunately for the moment, we can't learn more about this handsome asian american audience member!

I think both Andrew and his professor are a bit presumptuous in immediately asking "Why do you hate yourself" just because you have historically gone out with people from another race. In this video, both audience-member Andrew and Tyra-guest Jimmy Chen can sound a bit defensive. So I'll leave the "potato queen"/"rice queen" debates to others. Yet Andrew's existence as a Handsome Asian American Guy is what's important to document for this blog.

Andrew, if you're out there, let us know a bit more about you and what you're up to! Keep on being handsome!

Be sure to check out the show's clip so you can see and hear Handsome Andrew ask his question!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Michael Yung, a Barista Babe !!!

Have you ever gone back over and over to a cafe, hoping for a glimpse of your handsome barista? Perhaps you find it's his day off, and your heart sinks in disappointment. But if he's there, you're giddy with excitement because you can gaze longingly while he's making your drink while everyone will just think your an exacting coffee connoisseur when you're really just taking in all of his breathtaking beauty and handsomeness! Well, I'm sure Michael Yung, our handsome barista babe has many people doing just that!

Michael's beautiful side profile, next to some coffee beans in a specialty grinder at a barista competition.

Michael's beautiful eyes examining cups for cleanliness.

According to this article, Michael won the 2007 Canadian Barista Championship, held in Toronto. Here's a great blog documenting the 2007 Canada Championships. And here a article on the story. It seems to have a video as well, but I'm having trouble viewing it. I'm thinking it might only be available to viewers in Canada, so perhaps a Canadian reader can let me know if this is the case. CTV says Michael'"Yung's signature concoction consisted of fig puree, espresso and vanilla bean Chantilly cream infused with coffee"--mmmmm, sounds tremendously tasty!

And Michael got 5th place in the 2008 World Barista Championship!!! Unfortunately, it looks like there was a video of him at this event, but for some reason, it's been removed! It's too bad, because I would love to watch Michael and his beautiful hands work that hefty espresso machine and draw out shots! =)

For a quick trip into Michael's mind, check out his blog. He hasn't updated it for awhile, but he has some wonderful comments on coffee places in Vancouver and Seattle.

Appropriately apt, Michael's flickr handle is "baristahands." He seems to be a fan of photography and travel as well, with many great shots on his flickr photostream documenting his adventures in coffee places like Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Guatemala, as well as exciting Asian places like Hong Kong and Japan. He also seems to enjoy air travel, and has a nice set of travelog-ish pics in his "The World at 35 000 Feet" photostream.

As far as I can tell, Michael is at Caffe Artigiano, with several locations in the Vancouver BC area.

UPDATE: I've discovered Michael's twitter feed (using the "baristahands" handle) and learned he's moved to HONG KONG as "Coffee Ambassador" for Graffeo Coffee Roasters from San Francisco!

Michael Yung, our handsome barista babe!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ethan Chin, San Bernardino STUD

Procrastinating and frustrated with my progress this semester, I plopped down one morning to zombie out with Price is Right. Crazed contestants jumping joyfully with the good-natured Drew Carey always manage to lift one's spirits.

I'm so glad I tuned in, because here was the most handsome guy ever! But he wasn't onstage with Drew, he was in the audience, cheering on his wife, Jenny Chin! I could see from the quick shot his beautiful eyes and muscular forearms, and that his nametag said "Nathan."

Fortunately, blogger Bobby McBride blogged the entirety of this specific episode on his Game Show Kingdom blog! It was through his efforts I was able to find Jenny Chin's recounting of her 2009, including her Price is Right experience, on her blog at The Chinny Chin Chins. Jenny even asks her readers, " Isn't my husband so handsome," although she forgot the question mark, but it's obvious she's enamored with her husband's beauty, studliness, and handsomeness--completely natural, as I'm sure numerous others have been drawn into his handsomeness too.

Jenny links to her friend's blog, Writefully Yours, for a detailed description of their group's adventure, spending all day at the Price is Right filming. Jenny actually ended up winning the whole show and her showcase, including a new car!

Here's some pics of Jenny with her man, Handsome Ethan!

Handsome Stud Ethan Chin Posing for a Sepia by the Sea with Wife, Jenny

Day of the Price is Right Shoot With Yellow T-Shirts.

This shot of Ethan's muscular back reveals he has a tattoo on his right tricep. I wonder what it is. Well, he's handsome nonetheless.

Here's a shot showing off handsome Ethan's meaty chest. He's actually standing next to another guy who must've been part of their Price is Right group. They are a young group, and remind me of frat life. Here's another shot that makes me associate them with frats--Ethan holding a friend's baby with that "Well?" expression. Jenny definitely seems pretty dominant--her cap for this pic is: "I told Ethan, he better practice!" It looks like Jenny is pregnant now too, so Ethan's gonna be a dad! Or, he already is! From her blog, it also appears they are really into Christianity.

Congratulations Jenny, on snagging a super handsome asian american guy, Ethan, and for your Price is Right success! Best to both of you as new parents. Enjoy your husband for us!

Here's Drew Carey's wikipedia page, his twitter feed, and his blog on blogspot!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Handsome Asian American Guy Getting Tickled !

Girls Love to Tickle Guys - Episode #2<br/>

Posted via email from Handsome Asian American Guys!

Henry Lee

This handsome stud goes to San Francisco State University and is majoring in philosophy and law. 

There is an interview with him at BuffRX:

Here's his myspace:

Posted via email from Handsome Asian American Guys!

Handsome Asian American Guys in Tickling Videos

I'm searching for these tickling videos, which don't seem to be available on daily motion anymore.  However screenshots still exist, which give you an idea of the hot and handsome asian american guys in the videos.  Does anyone know Andrew or Dan Changster?  If so, give me a shout!

Here's what the video uploader wrote to describe the videos:
"Submitted By:  Anonymous on 2007-03-31
About the video: ticklishguys wrote: Andrew is a Korean American dude that's in college at UCLA in California. Dan Changster is a licensed massage therapist, but he also is a master of Korean Tickle Massage. Before Andrew actuallty receives his massage, Dan talks to him about what to expect. Andrew only has one thing that he wishes to express; he's so ticklish that he might not make it through the massage. These clips are both relaxing and funny as all hell."

Posted via email from Handsome Asian American Guys!