Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ethan Chin, San Bernardino STUD

Procrastinating and frustrated with my progress this semester, I plopped down one morning to zombie out with Price is Right. Crazed contestants jumping joyfully with the good-natured Drew Carey always manage to lift one's spirits.

I'm so glad I tuned in, because here was the most handsome guy ever! But he wasn't onstage with Drew, he was in the audience, cheering on his wife, Jenny Chin! I could see from the quick shot his beautiful eyes and muscular forearms, and that his nametag said "Nathan."

Fortunately, blogger Bobby McBride blogged the entirety of this specific episode on his Game Show Kingdom blog! It was through his efforts I was able to find Jenny Chin's recounting of her 2009, including her Price is Right experience, on her blog at The Chinny Chin Chins. Jenny even asks her readers, " Isn't my husband so handsome," although she forgot the question mark, but it's obvious she's enamored with her husband's beauty, studliness, and handsomeness--completely natural, as I'm sure numerous others have been drawn into his handsomeness too.

Jenny links to her friend's blog, Writefully Yours, for a detailed description of their group's adventure, spending all day at the Price is Right filming. Jenny actually ended up winning the whole show and her showcase, including a new car!

Here's some pics of Jenny with her man, Handsome Ethan!

Handsome Stud Ethan Chin Posing for a Sepia by the Sea with Wife, Jenny

Day of the Price is Right Shoot With Yellow T-Shirts.

This shot of Ethan's muscular back reveals he has a tattoo on his right tricep. I wonder what it is. Well, he's handsome nonetheless.

Here's a shot showing off handsome Ethan's meaty chest. He's actually standing next to another guy who must've been part of their Price is Right group. They are a young group, and remind me of frat life. Here's another shot that makes me associate them with frats--Ethan holding a friend's baby with that "Well?" expression. Jenny definitely seems pretty dominant--her cap for this pic is: "I told Ethan, he better practice!" It looks like Jenny is pregnant now too, so Ethan's gonna be a dad! Or, he already is! From her blog, it also appears they are really into Christianity.

Congratulations Jenny, on snagging a super handsome asian american guy, Ethan, and for your Price is Right success! Best to both of you as new parents. Enjoy your husband for us!

Here's Drew Carey's wikipedia page, his twitter feed, and his blog on blogspot!


Justin Liu said...

I am friends with Ethan and Jenny, literally. I really love your blog and would love to be part of it. I am an Asian American as well and have many pics.

hello said...

Thank you Justin for the positive feedback! It's wonderful you get to be in the presence of Ethan's handsomeness, and I'm sure you're handsome as well. I will try posting more regularly, but there are so many handsome asian american guys out there, I'm afraid I'll never catch up with my backlog! =)