Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adam Yamaguchi, Journalist

Adam is a studly journalist for current tv. His bio for the International Journalism Festival says he went to UCLA, and worked for Fox, CNN, and Asahi Japan.

Here's a shot of his dreamboat eyes for the camera:

Here's Adam in more of a model-type pose looking stunning in a pink shirt:

All his videos are on his current page. It's completely titilating to think of Adam roving the world for reporting duties as the studly standout of the crowd.

UPDATE: 15 Sep 2010

Warning: The following blog by "Mrs. Candy" is NSFW (Not safe for work), but I'm including it because it contains fascinating evidence that many others find Adam Yamaguchi handsome as well.

The blog is called "The Perfect Phallus" and this post contains a video of our handsome Adam Yamaguchi reporting from China, where various penis dishes are considered delicacies.

Well, enjoy the video of handsome Adam reporting on unusual topics, but more importantly, look at these responses by readers exposed to Adam Yamaguchi for the first time--people are enraptured with his handsomeness, beauty, and voice--check it out!

"He is a HOTTIE!"

"This is absolutely the most amazing video EVER! As a true lover of all things Phallic, however, I want to go on record by saying that I would MUCH rather eat a live one attached to the host any time!"

"as far as the host/presenter...his voice was sublime (i am more aural than visual)..."

Obviously, Adam Yamaguchi is a very Handsome Asian American Guy! We are blessed he exists. Thank you Adam, and keep on being handsome in your reports. We look forward to them!

UPDATE: Hot/cute picture of Handsome Stud Adam Yamaguchi at Hotel Brufani in Perugia, Italy for International Journalism Festival.  Photo by Ali Al Sumayin.  From International Journalism Festival's flickr account.  What a friggin' beautiful side profile and collared shirt with his pass around his neck in front of the bright light!  His eyes are just stunning!  Wonder what he's looking at . . .


Anonymous said...

Adam Yamaguchi is fucking hot. When is he going to do a report shirtless so we can get a look at that hot body?

hello said...

Yes, he is hot! Thank you for your comment & it will be wonderful to see some shirtless reporting from him!

Anonymous said...

He is so worked out and sexy. I would love to see him do some reporting without his shirt.

Kevin Scott Marcus said...

Adam Yamaguchi is so physically tight, good looking, and sexy it's borderline criminal. What I wouldn't give for a wrestling match or a night between the sheets with him. He's definitely one of my main man-crushes right now.

Anonymous said...

Adam Yamaguchi is Hot, Cute and very adorable!!!! ^^ I luv his show!!!! Kiss Me!!! XD

Anonymous said...

I was online looking for more pictures of Adam. You guys are so right! He has this attraction that makes me want to touch him. He is so sexy!!

Anonymous said...

It really sucks that vanguard has been curtailed. I fear the whole station may be out to preach its new owners message. Adam makes me sweat! T b h cristof isn't too bad either but he's always talking about his wife. Theyrenfreakin ballsy reporters on that show no doubt. Ms ling is my heroine.

1wickedwitch said...

Beauty and